I leave early in the morning for Holy Cross Hermitage.

Pray for me, a sinner. I will pray for you and light a candle for you.


4 Responses to “Pilgrimage”

  1. You’ve already gone! 😦
    Pray for me, and I pray for your journey….


  2. Well, I did pray for you and I will keep praying! LOL! How was boot camp?

    Seriously, we all really missed you a great deal. I am glad you’re back.


  3. ClementofRome Says:

    There were prayers lifted up before, during and now afterward. I was checking in to see if you had blogged anything about your experience.

    With utmost affection,
    Uncle Clem

  4. Light not a candle for me, but for my late son Isaac who passed before we converted to Orthodoxy. Maybe on your next pilgrimage.

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