Groanings from the heart.

O Lord, my God in Heaven, restore sight into mine eyes… visit me with your abundant graces, visit my soul with every good thing. Cause me to see your glory, as I have set my hope in you, grant unto me the joy of salvation and the spirit of servitude. Cast me not into the dregs of the earth, abase me not according to my sins, but raise me up, visit my soul. Allow me to see your glory, fill my heart with rejoicing, set straight my paths and make yourself known to me, although I am not deserving. Magnify, O my soul, the God of all creation, the Lord robed in majesty, He who is girded with strength. Magnify, O my soul, the Lord God Almighty, the only Lover of our eternal souls! Magnify, O my soul, He who has walked on water, He who is dominant over all the earth.

Grant me forgiveness for my many sins, cast them into the ocean of your endless mercy. Restore me, O Jesus, grant me tears of compunction and a clean heart, for I put my trust in you.

Lord, Father, accept me, and do not forsake me, although I have not stood watching and waiting in vigilance, and have fallen into the murky slumbering of my sin. Master, visit my heart, although I have not prepared it for Your coming, and it has been host to all things unclean. I am humbled beneath you, and truly beneath all men, for I have sinned against You, my King, and I have sinned against humanity. What wonder, O Christ, that You have come to save even me, who am dust and ashes, and so often prefer evils to the light of Your divine radiance. Help me to rise above the sloth I have incurred, help me to return. Grant through Your grace and mercy, my Lord and God and Savior, that I may one day enter into paradise and be with You, according to Your love, for I thirst after You, and You are my only sustenance. Often I have tasted the bitterness of life, but You, O Lord, give living water… often I have walked through life despondent and not looking to Heaven, but may Your Uncreated Light be a guide to me always.

I beat my breast, Jesus, for so many precious moments You have given me, yet I have wasted in fruitless and meaningless efforts — but visit me! For though I am as the blind man, I know You are ever passing by, and I only desire to look upon Your face. Though I am dead in sin, I know only You have the power to raise me, this is my desire. Though I am as a thrall in mind and I am fallen into a deep abyss, where can You not reach, My God — You who are in all places and fill all things? Take me, by my wretched and outstretched hands, and grant that I am not consumed and burned away as hay against the torch. Grant that once more, the grace which flows from you, Jesus, carries me on the palm of it’s hand, not pertaining or according to my virtue, for it is scarce, but according to Your glory…

Grant that I walk upright, that the warmth You place in my heart is not so easily extinguished… Grant through the prayers of Your holy ones my inner fortitude is righteous and withstanding, that I may not eagerly walk into my passions as a naive lamb to the slaughter. Through my sins, I deserve nothing… but, Lord Jesus Christ, I ask from the bottom of my wretched heart, and from the depths of my spirit, forsake me not, the prodigal and accursed one, made greatly unprofitable by shameful words and deeds…

To You be all glory, and power, and honor, and worship, to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit, both now and ever, and unto the ages of ages. Amen.


2 Responses to “Groanings from the heart.”

  1. sergiusbob Says:

    I had the same day. Thank you for putting it into words and so prayerfully so. You have been transformed by the renewing of your mind.

    Thank you Isaac. God bless you brother.

  2. I had that same day too! :hug:

    God bless you my brother.

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